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2018 Financial Workshop Series

Fall - Financial Literacy

Managing Your Credit History, Credit Score & Info... Like a Pro

How does cancelling a credit card, paying off a debt, or having too much debt affect my credit history and score? Should I use a fraud alert, a credit freeze, or a lock to protect my information? What are the best strategies for paying down debt?

Financial educator and consultant, Karen Chan, CFP (R) shared best practices for managing these necessities in retirement. Plus, she shared ways to differentiate facts from fiction and myths from realities, when it comes to credit reporting and you.

•Sessions were approximately two hours long
•Registration was required for all attendees and guests
•Admission was free of charge

The 2018 financial series ran from September 11 - September 28. We look forward to seeing you at a workshop in your area in 2019!


2018 Lifestyle Workshop Series

Summer - Lifestyle

WITS Workout

  • Facilitated by the educators of the University of Illinois Extension Office
  • Two-hour sessions
  • Registration was required for all attendees and guests
  • Admission was free of charge

This workshop was a daytime, two-hour presentation from IMRF and the University of Illinois Extension Office’s Family Life Educators. Facilitators in eight different locations highlighted the benefits of keeping your mind busy long after retirement.

According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), “Americans 50 and older are worried about losing mental capacity.” The organization also says its research determined that that mental sharpness is a top concern with aging and that brain exercises have shown positive results.

Facilitators showed seniors how to utilize various tools to keep their minds sharp and healthy; stressing that mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness.

This year’s series ran from August 7 through August 30. This is IMRF’s eleventh year of partnership with the U of I Extension through retiree lifestyle workshops; the series collaboration began in 2008.

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