Endorsed Insurance Plans

for IMRF Retirees

Your IMRF benefits do not include insurance. To give our members access to insurance plans with discounted group rates, IMRF works with insurance consultants. An IMRF-endorsed plan is a plan offered by an insurance consultant that has been reviewed and approved by IMRF’s Board of Trustees.

Endorsed Health Plans Offered

Doyle Rowe LTD oversees the selection of our endorsed health plans and administers the following plans for IMRF:

For more details on specific plan offerings for 2019. read the publication IMRF Endorsed Insurance Programs

Visit Doyle Rowe LTD for more information about retiree endorsed health plans, or contact the Doyle Rowe LTD Enrollment Hotline at 1-800-564-7227.

Endorsed Insurance Program Video Series

IMRF has developed this series of short videos to better explain the benefits of participating in the insurance programs endorsed by the Board of Trustees.

View the videos now.

Automatic Premium Deduction

If you enroll in an IMRF endorsed plan after retirement, participate in the Sav-Rx Prescription Drug Discount Card Program, Delta Dental plan or the United Healthcare Vision Care plan, you can have your premium costs deducted directly from your monthly pension payments.

To request automatic premium deduction, please complete a "Health Care Program Premium Deduction Authorization for IMRF Endorsed Plans," form (Doyle Rowe LTD will mail this form to you) and return it to Doyle Rowe LTD with your enrollment form.

Automatic premium deduction is available on all Doyle Rowe plans except for:

Medicare Part D premiums cannot be deducted from your IMRF benefit payment but you can elect to have them deducted from your Social Security payment.