The 2020 W-4P Form is Available!

February 6, 2020

The IRS has released the 2020 W-4P form. As an IMRF retiree, you need the W-4P to establish or change tax withholding from your benefits payments.

If you already have a W-4P on file with IMRF, you do not need to submit a new form unless you want to change your tax withholding. If you do not file a new W-4P, IMRF will compute your withholding based on the information from the existing W-4P we have on file.

One change in the 2020 W-4P is that you can no longer elect to have a flat dollar amount deducted. Instead, you need to use the worksheets provided on the W-4P or the IRS online withholding estimator to calculate your withholding.*

The quickest and easiest way to file a new W-4P is through our secure Member Access.

To activate a Member Access account, IMRF needs to mail you a registration key. If you retired in 2018 or earlier, IMRF included a registration key on the Annuitant Statement we mailed you in November. You can also generate a new registration key by clicking here.

A paper copy of the W-4P form is also available for download here. New this year, IMRF will use the IRS W-4P form instead of the previous IMRF adapted version of the form.

*If you are unsure about the correct withholding amount, please consult your tax advisor.