Unused, Unpaid Sick Days

for Tier 2 SLEP Plan Members
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When you are getting ready to retire, you can earn up to one year of additional service credit for your unused, unpaid sick time if you meet one of the following conditions:

If you are retiring from You can use the unused, unpaid sick days you earned The effective date of your pension must be within 60 days of
A non-school district IMRF employer With the IMRF employer you are retiring from Your last date of employment with this employer
A school district covered by IMRF With any of your prior school district employers, as long as they were covered by IMRF Your last date of employment with your last IMRF-covered school district
Teachers’ Retirement System and IMRF reciprocally While working in an IMRF-covered position in a school district Your last date of employment with your Teachers’ Retirement System Employer
In all cases your sick days must have been accumulated under an established sick leave plan available to all employees or a class of employees

How Much Service Credit Do I Earn?

You will earn one month of service credit for every 20 days of unused, unpaid sick time you have at retirement. If you have a fraction of 20 days, you will also earn a month of service credit. For example:

Number of Unused, Unpaid Sick Days Additional Months of Service Credit
1-20 1
21-40 2
41-60 3
61-80 4
81-100 5
101-120 6
121-140 7
141-160 8
161-180 9
181-200 10
201-220 11
221-240 12
The maximum amount of sick days you can convert to service credit is 240