Applying for Disability Benefits

for Tier 1 Regular Plan Members

Applying for Disability Benefits

If you will be disabled for more than 30 consecutive days, you should apply for disability benefits. You can apply:

Wait until you are no longer able to work to file your application, do not apply while you are still working. 

If you receive salary, sick or vacation pay for more than 30 days following the date of your disability, you should apply for disability benefits only if your disability will extend beyond the last day you will be paid.

You can download the IMRF Member Disability Checklist to guide you through the disability application process.

Don't Lose Any Payments!

You may lose one or more monthly payments if you do not apply promptly for IMRF disability benefits. We can only pay up to six months retroactively.

Forms and Documents IMRF Will Need

We require several forms and documents to process your claim. 

Incomplete and missing forms may delay a decision on your disability claim. Please provide as much medical information as possible when you submit the forms.

If you are unable to complete the form, a relative or other representative can complete it on your behalf. The relative or representative should call a Member Services Representative at 1-800-ASK-IMRF (1-800-275-4673).