Endorsed Insurance Plans

for Active IMRF Members

Your IMRF benefits do not include insurance. To give our members access to insurance plans with discounted group rates, IMRF works with insurance consultants. An IMRF-endorsed plan is a plan offered by an insurance consultant that has been reviewed and approved by IMRF’s Board of Trustees.

Voluntary Term Life Insurance

The National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) offers a voluntary life insurance plan for IMRF members.

This group decreasing term life insurance plan is provided by The Prudential Insurance Company of America.

Coverage is available to you at lower group rates, and you pay for this plan through payroll deduction. All actively working IMRF members can sign up for this plan, as long as your employer has adopted it. Contact your employer to find out if this plan is available to you.

While you can only sign up for the plan as an active member through your employer, you can choose to continue this coverage after retirement.

For more information on the NCPERS Group Decreasing Term Life Insurance Plan, visit the NCPERS website or watch the short video below.

NCPERS Group Life Insurance: Introduction for IMRF Members

This video introduces the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) supplemental group life insurance program and explains the benefits it offers to IMRF members.

Doyle Rowe LTD Plans

Doyle Rowe LTD oversees several endorsed health plans that are available to IMRF retirees. They also oversee a Long term Care Insurance program that is available for both retired and active IMRF members.

Long Term Care Insurance

IMRF's endorsed Long Term Care (LTC)  insurance is available to active members. The IMRF Board of Trustees recently endorsed a new, optional program that offers discounted rates, reduced medical underwriting, and in certain situations, guaranteed issue.

For these discounted rates to be available to you, your employer must opt-in to this program. Contact your employer to find out if this plan is available to you.

Health Plans for Retirees

Doyle Rowe LTD administers the following endorsed health plans for IMRF retirees: