Making Payments to IMRF

for IMRF Employers
Electronic Funds Transfer

EFT Payment System

Employers are required to make payments to IMRF by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through First Data Government Solutions.

To access First Data Government Solutions, you need an EFT and PIN code for each bank account. If you do not have and EFT and PIN code, you must complete an IMRF Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Enrollment Form 3.00.

You can make your payments using the Pay Online or the Pay-by Phone system:

You can make your payments:

By clicking "Pay Online" above, you will be leaving the IMRF website.

If you are currently logged in to IMRF Employer Access, your Employer Access session will remain active during the time you are at First Data Government Solutions' website. The session will time out after 15 minutes of inactivity, or you can cancel and return to the window you just left to continue working in Employer Access.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Funds Transfer

  1. What is the EFT system?

    EFT is an acronym for Electronic Fund Transfer system. IMRF uses an outside vendor—First Data—to process EFT payments. There are two options for making EFT payments to IMRF: Pay Online and Pay-by-Phone.

  2. How does the EFT system work?

    This system uses a financial transaction processing network called the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to remit payments due. Instructions from employers to the system are transmitted to financial institutions participating in the ACH to move funds from the employer's financial institution into IMRF's account.

  3. Who can use the IMRF EFT system?

    This system is available to employers who have completed an "IMRF Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment" (Form 3.00) and have received a confirmation packet from First Data containing an Employer EFT number and generic PIN (personal identification number).

  4. Are there any fees for using EFT to make payments to IMRF? Are there any associated penalties?

    IMRF will pay all Automated Clearing House (ACH) fees and charges associated with initiating a debit payment of the employer’s designated bank account through the ACH process. Employers should contact their bank to learn whether the bank will charge any non-ACH fee for using EFT.

  5. What is an Employer EFT Number?

    The EFT number is assigned to uniquely identify an employer. You use this number for web-based payments and for pay-by-phone.

  6. What is my EFT Account number?

    IMRF assigns the EFT account number. If you make payments to IMRF using multiple bank accounts, you will be assigned an EFT number for each account.

  7. What if my employer uses more than one bank account to make payments to IMRF?

    You will need to complete a separate "IMRF Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment" (Form 3.00) for each bank account. You will receive a separate acknowledgment letter for each EFT bank account established.

  8. Is the EFT system secure?

    First Data’s technology provides you with secure payment transactions; payments can be made only to IMRF using this system. Remember that both your EFT number and your PIN code combined identify your entry into the Pay-by-Phone system. Likewise, your Username and Password combined identify your entry into the Pay Online system. As a result, both should be treated with the highest degree of confidentiality.

  9. How does an employer enroll in the EFT process to make payments to IMRF?

    An employer may enroll in the EFT process by completing and returning an "IMRF Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment" (Form 3.00). The Authorized Agent must sign the form. The form may be obtained from IMRF by contacting one of the following:

    Mailing Address IMRF
    Suite 500
    2211 York Road
    Oak Brook, IL 60523

    Telephone Number 1-800-ASK-IMRF (1-800-275-4673)
    Web Site

  10. How do I make changes to my employer’s EFT contact name, address, telephone number, or bank account?

    Complete a new "IMRF Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment" (Form 3.00), indicate changes on this form, and submit to IMRF. When completing the new separate "IMRF Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment" form provide only changed information and mark the "notice of change" box.

  11. When do I need a Username and Password

    To use the Pay Online system you are required to create a Username and Password when you initially access the Pay Online system. You must also enter your EFT number and PIN during this initial log-in. Each of the employer’s users must create a username and password.

  12. What is Pre-Note?

    A Pre-note, or Pre-notification, is a test transaction of a payment from the employer’s bank account to IMRF’s bank account. The test is conducted with zero dollars to ensure that the employer’s designated bank account can be debited and IMRF’s designated bank account can be credited.

  13. What happens if my account has insufficient funds?

    IMRF will automatically attempt the transaction a second time. If funds are insufficient after a second attempt, IMRF will notify the employer by letter.

  14. What information do I need to use this system to make a payment?

    In addition to the assigned EFT number and the PIN (personal identification number), you will need the following basic information:

    • Payment Type
    • Period Ending Date for wage reports
    • Amount of Payment
    • Payment Due Date
  15. How do I submit my IMRF wage report documents using the EFT system?

    You cannot submit wage report information using the EFT system. You use First Data only to make payments to IMRF. Please see to submit your wage reports.

  16. On what date is the IMRF payment due?

    IMRF payments are due on the 10th day of the following month; i.e. the January wage report is due on February 10th. When using EFT, the payment must be initiated by 2:30 P.M. Central Time, at least one business banking day prior to the due date, in order for the payment to settle in IMRF’s bank account on or before the due date. Penalties for late payments are charged after the 20th of the month.

  17. What are the minimum and maximum EFT payment amounts?

    The minimum IMRF payment that can be made through EFT is $0.01. The maximum payment is $9,999,999.99.

  18. How soon after I use the EFT service will IMRF receive my payment?

    You, the employer, determine the date the designated bank account is to be debited. The chosen date may be any banking day between the next day and 40 days in the future. The process of holding payment information until a future designated date is called warehousing. Warehousing allows an employer to provide payment information and retain use of the money until the date the bank account is to be debited. However, to prevent IMRF from charging a late penalty, the payment must settle into IMRF’s bank account on or before the penalty date.

  19. What is a Reference Number?

    A reference number is a number you receive after making a payment that confirms your payment was made. It is important to keep a record of the Reference Numbers in the event you need to inquire about or trace a payment.

  20. How long will a record be maintained of my EFT payments?

    Both IMRF and the First Data will maintain payment information indefinitely. The information will be available in real time. However, the EFT payment systems will provide/display results only for a specified timeframe.

  21. What kind of payment can be made with the EFT system?

    You can make all types of IMRF payments through this system.

    • Wage Reports (Regular Contribution, SLEP, ECO I, ECO II, Minimum Contribution)
    • Advice Payment
    • Employer ERI Cost
    • Member ERI Cost
    • After Tax Payment for Member Past Service
    • Additional Funding of Your Pension Obligation
    • Accelerated Payments
  22. How do I make the payments with First Data?

    You can make your payment with either the Pay-By-Phone system or the Pay Online system. There are instructions and Frequently Asked Questions for each process. You call a toll-free number to use the Pay-By-Phone system. You can access the Pay Online system through a link in Employer Access.