Freedom of Information Act

for Members of the Media and General Public

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is intended to ensure that members of the public have access to information about their government and its decision-making process. It requires all public bodies, including IMRF, to make their public records available for inspection and copying.

Under FOIA, all records of a public body, like IMRF, are presumed to be open for inspection and copying. FOIA does permit certain records to be withheld from inspection. If IMRF receives a FOIA request for information that under FOIA is considered open, IMRF is required by law to comply with that request.

IMRF records consist of information about our members and employers as well as our investment portfolio. It also includes information on IMRF operations, such as administrative expenses and contracts.

IMRF member information subject to FOIA requests includes:

*Pension information is only available for members who have retired. No prospective pension information is available.

IMRF member information not subject to release under a FOIA request includes: