100th General Assembly Bills

for IMRF Members, IMRF Employers, Public Officials, Media and General Public
Illinois State Capitol

Legislation Introduced in 2018

House Bills

Bill Number Sponsor Summary Board Position
HB 4413 Rep. Carol Ammons
This bill would require all Board meetings, including committee meetings, be available via live stream on the Fund's website via high speed internet. The proposal applies to all pension systems.
HB 4599 Rep. Kathleen Willis
Employers who have full-time paramedics or EMTs who are not eligible for participation in an Article 4 (downstate fire) fund would be permitted to place those employees in to SLEP instead of regular IMRF. SLEP participation would apply only to service occurring on or after the date of the resolution.
HB 4839 Rep. Jeanne Ives
In the provisions applicable to IMRF, this bill would exclude from pensionable wages payments received for unused sick and vacation time and terminates a provision allowing members to convert unused, unpaid sick time to service credit. Only applicable to new members.

Senate Bills

Bill Number Sponsor Summary Board Position
SB 2884
Sen. Iris Martinez
This bill would allow electronic election options to be offered in the Employee and Annuitant Trustee elections.
SB 3119
Sen. Pamela Althoff
This bill would tighten limitations on police participation by prohibiting participation by former police chiefs who return to the same municipality as a police advisor or in another, similar position. Applicable only to new members.