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Board of Trustees

Annuitant Trustee Vacant, Board Secretary
Employee Trustees Natalie Copper
Trudy Williams Email
Alex Wallace, Jr., Board President Email
Executive Trustees Tom Kuehne Email
Gwen Henry Email
Dave Miller, Board Vice President Email
Sue Stanish

Senior Staff

Executive Director Brian Collins Email
Deputy Executive Director Dan Duquette Email
General Counsel Beth Janicki Clark Email
Chief Financial Officer Mark Nannini Email
Chief Information Services Officer Keyla Vivas Email
Chief Investment Officer Dhvani Shah Email
Customer Service Director Dawn Seputis Email
Director of Human Resources Cara Bannon Email
Legislative Liaison Bonnie Shadid Email
Benefits Manager Amy Claussen Email
Disability Manager Larry Dixon Email
Member Services Manager Connie Fox Email
Financial Relations Manager Audrey Brown-Ryce Email
Field Services Manager Kate Setchell Email
Communications Officer John Krupa Email
Investment Officer, Operations Edward Sambol Email


Procurement Specialist Daniel Martinez Email

Freedom of Information Act Requests

FOIA Officer Bonnie Shadid Email