Board Resolution 1970-7665

Meeting room

Topic: Plan Administration
Subtopic: Benefit Payments; Delivery to Municipalities
Date: 3/20/1970
Status: Active

WHEREAS, in some instances the Fund receives requests that checks payable to an employee be sent to a municipality; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees wishes to cooperate with municipalities in recovering monies due municipalities or credit unions associated with a municipality; and

WHEREAS, the Illinois Pension Code provides that benefits payable by the Fund are not assignable or subject to execution, garnishment or attachment; and

WHEREAS, in their efforts to cooperate with municipalities, the Fund and the Trustees may be exposed to litigation and possible monetary losses;

RESOLVED: that an employee’s benefit check shall be delivered to an authorized agent of a municipality under these conditions:
1.The Fund receives either: (a) an application for benefits designating the address as c/o the authorized agent or (b) a written approval of the employee to deliver the check c/o the authorized agent.
2.Upon receipt of either the application or approval, the Fund shall send the check to the authorized agent with notification that if it is not delivered to the employee within 30 days from the date of the check, that is shall be returned to the Fund.
3.The authorized agent shall be notified that the check must be endorsed by the payee.
4.The Fund shall stop payment on all such checks 35 days from the date of the check.

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Fund shall not mail or deliver any benefit checks to anyone other than the payee, personally or to the address given the Fund by the payee, or the authorized agent of a municipality under the procedures set forth in these resolutions.