Board Resolution 2007-09-09

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Topic: IMRF Staff
Subtopic: Personnel Policy - Closed Offices Pay Policy
Date: 9/22/2007
Status: Active

Pay Policy When Offices Close for One Day Closings

One day closings typically occur due to inclement weather. If you believe IMRF may be closed, check your voice mail in advance of leaving home to learn if an official closing has been announced.

  1. Scheduled To Work When Closing Occurs
    If you are scheduled to work and the offices are officially closed, you will be paid for 7 hours of work (or your normal work hours for that day). The same is true if there are late openings of the offices or early closings.
  2. Not Scheduled To Work When Closing Occurs
    If you had vacation, personal or sick time scheduled on the day of the closing, the hours scheduled off will be charged as originally scheduled.

Multiple Day Closings

Typically this would occur due to unavailability of Oak Brook facilities caused by damages to the facilities or unavailability of power, water, heat, or telephone systems. This occurrence would trigger IMRF’s business continuity plan and disaster recovery procedures. In most cases, a disaster will have been announced by the Executive Director.

  1. General Rule
    You will be contacted by telephone following a phone tree protocol. You may be contacted by your supervisor, manager, or director or any other management personnel.

    Because all IMRF services will be disrupted, it will not be business as usual. Employees will be expected to report to work at the IMRF “hot sites”; work from home; or, work from other locations. Your normal work hours will be disrupted. You may be asked to start your work day earlier than normal; or later than normal. You may be asked to work longer hours (i.e. more than 7) or to work on weekends or holidays. All staff will be expected to be available to work during this period. You will be assigned any duty necessary to make IMRF operational.
  2. Compensation
    You will be paid your regular salary, whether or not you are asked to work during a multiple day closing, for at least four weeks. After four weeks, the Board of Trustees will evaluate the likely duration of the closing and determine whether regular salary will continue to be paid.
    IMRF’s normal flex-time hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Because we may be working from hot sites with limited capacity, staff will be expected to work non-traditional hours. You may be asked to report to the hot site and work from 4:00 p.m. to midnight; or you may be asked to work a weekend. Hours worked other than normal IMRF flex-time hours, or hours worked on weekends or holidays, will be paid at one and one-half times your regular salary. Directors and managers are not eligible for such additional pay. For example, you are not asked to work Monday through Friday, but 10 hours each on Saturday and Sunday. You will be paid for 15 hours of non-work and 20 hours at one and one-half times your regular salary.
  3. Vacation; Personal Days; Sick Time; Holidays
    During an extended closing you can use vacation, personal days or sick time as is customary. If a vacation or sick time was scheduled in advance of the extended closing, you will expend hours at normal rates (i.e. seven hours per day). However, if you were being asked to work a 10 hour day due to the closing, you will expend 10 hours of such time. Similarly, if you are working a weekend, you will expend such hours if you are not working.
  4. Family and Medical Leave, Disability
    If you were not working at the time of an extended closing, the emergency will not affect the time periods involved in FMLA or disability. For example, if you were on FMLA and IMRF offices were closed for four weeks, your FMLA will not be extended by four weeks. If you were on disability and waiting to satisfy the 30 day requirement, your eligibility will not be delayed.
  5. Transportation
    You will be expected to commute to any hot sites or other locations in order to begin your work day. Persons currently taking public transportation may be reimbursed for taxis to the hot site if approved by any manager or director. If you drive and are required to pay for parking at a hot site, IMRF will pay parking fees.