Board Resolution 2005-05-05(b)

Meeting room

Topic: Disability Benefits
Subtopic: Eligibility
Date: 5/5/2005
Status: Active
  1. Disability benefits should be terminated if the employee is gainfully employed. The definition of gainful employment, for IMRF disability benefits, may not be the same as the Social Security definition of gainful employment.
  2. Benefits should be terminated when a medical examiner indicates the employee is able to return to work, even if the employee does not actually return because no position is available at the time. The member should be advised of any plan to terminate benefits and should be given some reasonable explanation of the action, and requested to provide further evidence, if such is available, of continued disability.
  3. The Fund may make use of a service bureau to investigate employees receiving benefits while living out of state. The service bureau is also recommended for irregular or questionable cases living within the state.
  4. The Fund may require examination by a doctor designated and paid by the Fund in those cases where the member’s medical documentation does not support continuing disability benefits.
  5. Benefits will be paid through the day before the next regularly scheduled day of work for the member’s position when a member is released to return to work.
  6. An employee who is disabled prior to the completion of one year of contributing service or 5 years of service, but who is carried on the payroll beyond the first anniversary date of his employment, is not entitled to disability benefits.