Board Resolution 1962-5174

Meeting room

Topic: Disability Benefits
Subtopic: Restoration
Date: 1/26/1962
Status: Active

WHEREAS, Section 1186(c) of the IMRF Act provides that IMRF disability benefits payable to employees who have sufficient coverage to qualify for Social Security disability benefits shall be automatically reduced by the considered Social Security payment commencing the 6th month following disability; and

WHEREAS, Restoration of the full IMRF disability rate is possible only if the employee is formally denied Social Security disability benefits; and

WHEREAS, Social Security will not give the Fund a blanket statement that OASI benefits are paid to claimants only after considering and rejecting a claim for disability benefits and, therefore, the Fund cannot assume that an award of an OASI benefit is necessarily a denial of disability benefits; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that full IMRF disability benefits shall be restored only upon receipt of an official Notice of Determination by Social Security, denying payment of disability benefits.