Board Resolution 1962-5173

Meeting room

Topic: Disability Benefits
Subtopic: Payment Procedures
Date: 1/26/1962
Status: Active In Part

RESOLVED, that the form of the application for benefits this day submitted to this Board, including all of the following:

be, and they hereby are, approved.

FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Board adopt the following rules and regulations in respect to the payment of annuities and other benefits:

  1. The Executive Director, upon receipt of a proper application, shall process such application and, if it is found to be in order, shall recommend the granting of the benefit.
  2. Upon the Executive Director’s determination that the annuity or benefit should be granted, he shall submit a voucher for the payment thereof to the Auditor of Public Accounts and upon receipt of the check for the first payment shall forward the same to the municipality or participating instrumentality which employed the participating employee on whose behalf the payment is being made for proper distribution to the person to whom the benefit is being paid.
  3. If the date for the second payment precedes a Board Meeting, at which the annuity or benefit is to be passed on by the Board, a second payment may also be made, but directly to the person to whom the annuity or benefit is to be paid.
  4. The first payment made prior to the Board approval shall be accompanied by a written statement substantially as follows: This payment is made on the basis of the application filed by you and is subject to review by the Board of Trustees of the Fund. Therefore the right to revoke the benefit granted is reserved to the Board.
  5. The authority and duties delegated to the Executive Director pursuant to these rules and regulations are to be considered purely ministerial and he shall not have the right to waive any of the requirements set forth in the applications for benefits. He shall not have the power to grant annuities or any other benefits and such power is specifically reserved in the Board