Board Resolution 1961-5021

Meeting room

Topic: Disability Benefits
Subtopic: Social Security Offset
Date: 8/22/1961
Status: Active

RESOLVED, that the Fund adopt the following procedure in respect to payment of disability benefits to those participating employees who are fully insured under the Federal Social Security law (considering only such participating employees’ earnings as a covered employee under the Fund):

  1. The disability benefit shall be reduced by the amount of the participating employee’s Considered Social Security benefit beginning with the first month beginning at least six months after the date when the disability was incurred.
  2. In those cases where the employee by proper evidence can show the Executive Director that he will not be entitled to a disability benefit under the Federal Social Security Act, then the disability benefit shall be reinstated at its full amount.
  3. In all cases the participating employee shall be required to file an application for disability benefit with the Federal Social Security Administration, except where the Executive Director, upon receipt of proper evidence to the effect that the participating employee will not be entitled to a Social Security disability benefit, if his discretion waives such requirement.