Board Resolution 2006-12-08(a)

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Topic: Creditable Service
Subtopic: Participation in IMRF/Member, One Year Service Requirement
Date: 12/15/2006
Status: Active

WHEREAS, section 7-198 of the Illinois Pension Code authorizes the Board of Trustees of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund to establish rules necessary or desirable for the efficient administration of the Fund; and

WHEREAS, the Pension Code provides for minimum service credit requirements for benefit eligibility; and

WHEREAS, it is appropriate that the Board of Trustees establish rules regarding the calculation of service credit earned.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT: In determining whether or not a participating employee in this Fund has completed a period of service as required by the various sections of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund Act, such employee shall be deemed to have completed any required period of service if he/she has earned 12 months of service credit as of the day before the date of disability or the start date of any other benefit, with the result that (by way of example):

A one-year period of contributions shall be deemed completed if the employee is in service and paid earnings at any time during the month which would be the 12th month of service credit preceding the anniversary date of commencement of service and the making of contributions and if service and earnings have continued uninterrupted during such period.