Board Resolution 1971-7985

Meeting room

Topic: Creditable Service
Subtopic: Elected Officials
Date: 3/26/1971
Status: Active

The requirement established by Resolutions 7273 and 7454, that part-time elected officials participating in IMRF may not establish retroactive service credits unless a resolution adopted by the governing body of their municipality was filed with the Fund on or before October 31, 1969, shall be abolished; in all other respects, Resolutions 7273 and 7475 shall remain in full force and effect, and no service shall be established for part-time elected officials unless a resolution of the governing body is on file.

Employees may establish retroactive service credit for the most immediate 50 month period of service, and shall not be limited to the 50 month period immediately proceeding the date of application for retroactive service.